What is Affiliate Marketing

If you search the term in a dictionary, you will get that affiliate marketing is 'the use of one website to advertise or promote the products and services of another website'. Although, this might lead you to think that you actually need to have a website in order to be able to enjoy the benefits of this, or any, affiliate program. The truth is, nowadays, there are plenty of ways to do affiliate marketing even if you do not own a website or blog.

Therefore, we believe that the best definition of what Affiliate Marketing is 'The process of earning a commission by promoting or marketing a company's products or services'. You find a product or service you like, promote it to your network and earn a portion of the profit each time your referrals turn into a sale.

Please be informed that by validating the affiliate program in your account you immediately agree to our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. You may review the entire document here.

What You Will Get as an Affiliate

Our Affiliate Program applies only for our artist subscription plans. We do not give out, and will never give out, commissions on sales on any of our artists' artworks. Our program is built around the premise of fairness, and we believe that if you make the introductions, it would just be fair, for you to get the first sale! 

Earn 100% of each first sale

Earn 100% of each first sale.

Unlimited Referrals. 

Unlimited Referrals. 

Various Promo Materials.

Various Promo Materials.

How it works

It is all really easy! Just follow the below procedure and you are done!

Step 1

Register with at least a simple account with us.

Step 2

Sign into your account and validate your self as an affiliate.

Step 3

Use the material you find to promote our services.

Step 4

If your referrals turn into a subscriber you get paid!

Join Our Affiliate Program today!

If you like what we offer, and you are anyway going to make the introductions, then why not earn something in the process! It is relatively easy.