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"Freedom of speech"

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Christoforos Tofalli

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70 X 100 cm (approx.)

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This artwork is sold framed


oil painting
Contemporary Painting
dark portraits
art collector
oil on paper

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"Freedom of speech"
Back then we used to have Inquisition, then we had censorship and now we have political correctness. Aside the norm of the restrictions have been put upon journalism, for not to expose and interrupt high interest and corrupt governments and politicians. The very ones whom have been promote the "freedom of speech" the very foundation of freedom its self, now they oppose it, for the sake of political correctness the right of free speech and of expression is becoming less important than the right of someone else's not to be offended. We so naively exchange our freedom for the supposed protection of our fragile feelings. And now with no supporters, the real journalism and its principles, the very right of free speech is doom to be silent.

“freedom of speech”, Oil and collage on paper, glued and framed on wooden panel 100x70,(approx.). 2019

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