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The Nordic Spirit

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59.5 x 50

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female figure
female art
girl in painting
contemporary portrait
acrylic on canvas
beautiful woman
portrait of woman
woman art
€37.00 + Printing Cost

Artwork Description
This artwork has been made with acrylic on canvas.
In the spring of 2021, I started painting with a more realistic approach to Art through portraits. This is the third art piece I have created from a series of four women portraits, from different countries and nationalities.
For this painting, I have taken a picture of a woman and I created her portrait.
My main aim was to celebrate the diversity and the woman figure. A greater unification of the world.

This product is being shipped to the following continents/countries:

Continents/Countries Cost
South America €30
North America €30
Europe €31
Asia €30
Africa €30

-Sustainable and Environmentally friendly policy.

-All prints are made from recyclable paper and packaging.

-Buyers located in Cyprus can contact me if they wish to see the paintings in person.

- All orders are accompanied by tracking information with the deliveries and there is insurance that guarantees the artworks to be safely delivered to you!

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