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"The Return of an Old Foe"

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Christoforos Tofalli

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140 X 120 cm

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€1,800.00 €1,620.00


oil on canvas
oil painting
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Contemporary Painting

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"The return of an old foe"
In the beginnings of this year, something appeared along the way. Changing the public life from its core. An old foe that we didn’t consider, and thus we were never prepared for, leaving our doors open, as we didn’t maturely evaluate him, we let him to simply get in, and storm our lives, condemning our homes with a Plague.
People panicked, changing their ways, as this plague that it has been cast upon us it has, and it is going to change our lives irreversibly. Leaving on an era no longer ours, but his, not the industrial era, or the modern, neither the post-modern era, for us it’s just the today but for history is going to be the era of Covid-19, the Plague, and as it had claim an era and it had been entitle before, what we know now as the “black death” era. The Plague and what it came to be its symbol an archetype. A symbol of a mysterious, unexpected, lonely and agonised death. It’s going to come out of the drawer, like an archetype of the inevitable, terrifying and obscure. Spreading death, and killing the way of life for those who are still living.

-“The return of an old foe”, Oil on canvas, 140x120. 2020.

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