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“The slaughter of the working class”

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Christoforos Tofalli

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140 X 120 cm

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oil on canvas
oil painting
art collector
Contemporary Painting

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“The slaughter of the working class”
"LIBERTE, EGALITE, FRATERNITE OU LA MORT" it was what the Parisians set that May of 1789, it was from where the workers of Chicago inspired that May of 1886, and paint their banners with their blood. But today every 1st of May we shall not celebrate, today we shall be ashamed, for what they shed their blood to gain, for what we are unworthy of, and we simply surrender it, without a fight, because it was never truly ours. Because we never learn that freedom is not free, and what is given to us, it so can be taken away. In commemoration of the working class, the labor rights, the 8 hour day, the minimum wage…

-“The slaughter of the working class”, Oil on canvas, 140x120. 2020
- varnished with beeswax
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